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Support & Care tailored to your needs

HusH maternity is able to offer expertise and assistance in a range of ways. Listed are the most popular support services, however should you need something that is not listed, please get in touch to see how HusH can help.

Baby Prep Workshop

Antenatal classes often focus on labour and delivery, they are often limited to who can attend and may at a time that doesn’t quite suit.

HusH “Baby Prep” workshops are

Crash courses in the essentials of baby care and life with a newborn.

Prepared with up to date and evidence based info.

Compiled and Delivered by an experienced midwife.

Provided at a time & venue of your choice.

Whoever you like present, mums dads granny’s aunties uncles all welcome!

An ideal practical baby shower gift

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Phone Support

30 min HusH calls available to discuss any baby related topic or for emotional support and coaching.

All our calls will be handled by an experienced midwife and maternity nurse, so you can be assured you will receive relevant and up to date information and advice.

Pay Online Now and HusH will arrange video call within 24 hours

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“Sleep when baby sleeps”

HusH understands that it’s not always quite as easy as that…

HusH visits allow you to rest and sleep safe in the knowledge that a trained and experienced midwife is looking after your baby.

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Colic affects 1 in 5 babies.
If your little baby is crying excessively this can cause strain and worry within your family unit.

Allow HusH to provide respite so you can recuperate.

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HusH visits can be helpful in providing breastfeeding support in the early days until feeding is established.

HusH provides up to date and relevant support for all infant feeding choices, so you can find what works for you.

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A newborn can leave you feeling like you'll never have a sense of normality again.

HusH can provide realistic advice on establishing routine in new life with a newborn.

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