maternity support services

I can’t recommend Karen/HusH highly enough. Having a new baby (or two!) is such a special, personal time - the decision to invite someone into your home, even just for a few hours, is a really important one.


Karen’s assistance in those first few months brought a peace of mind I will always be grateful for.




Speak to an experienced midwife

Phone Support

Do you need to speak to someone?
Do you want someone to listen to how you feel?

Transitioning to parenting can be hard. Sometimes its difficult to block out all the well meaning but often unhelpful advice from friends and family.

HusH maternity offers support for you. Providing a professional unbiased helpful ear to help you through whatever parenting challenges you are currently facing.

Using Zoom (or other preferred video messaging service) it means HusH maternity can help you from anywhere in the world.

From the West of Scotland to the South of England, even USA or as far as Australia.

"bring a little HusH to your home"

Pay online now, and HusH will arrange your video call within 24 hours.