What a Stormy 2020 so far!!

Hello !!

Well… WOW what a particularly stormy January AND February this has been here in Scotland!
Although I live in Ayr, I frequently travel to Glasgow to meet and work with New Parents and their newborns and driving up and down the M77 in the driving rain and wind has been a bit scary at times!
I drive a little mini and I have been so grateful that it hugs the road so well. Nevertheless I always feel like I need help to unfurl my hands from the steering wheel after a wee drive in the storms!
It is definitely the weather to stay snug and warm indoors! If you follow @hushmaternity on Instagram you may have seen my latest post about the daffodils blooming in my garden! They have given me real hope that spring is on its way….. just the annual march snow to contend with first!!